Qeqesha Institute is an Accredited MerSeta Training Provider. The company has a wide range of training courses which mainly focus on the engineering and construction disciplines. The company has a scope extension to sister seta’s in order to cover wider range of training interventions. Current scope approval has been granted by TETA. The company awaits scope extension approval from SETA, CETA and MQA.



  • Training Delivery Scope

The following accredited training programs can be facilitated:

  • Ventilation and Gas Awareness
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Engineering Hand Tools
  • Engineering Power Tools
  • Working at Heights
  • Operate a Mobile Elevating Work Platform
  • Basic Rigging

The following programs await MOU and program approval with other Seta’s:

  • Gas Testing (MQA)
  • Flameproofing (MQA)
  • Operate Mining Machinery in Underground Coal Mines (MQA)
  • Operate Mining Machinery in Surface Coal Mines (MQA)
  • Competent Person “A” (MQA)
  • Competent Person “B” (MQA)
  • SHE Representatives (MQA)

The following non-accredited required training programs and screening can be facilitated:

  • Induction
  • Dover Assessments (Required for Mine TMM Licensing)
  • Mine Specific TMM Licensing Programs (COP)
  • Evacuation and Emergency Preparedness Training (COP)
  • Res-q-Pack
  • GDI Testing Instruments
  • Safety Drives
  • Team Building (HBDI Toolkit) and High-Performance Culture Drives
  • Training Consultation Scope

Consultation within the HRD environment ranges from:

  • HRD Strategy formation and Implementation
  • Development of Training Policies, Procedures and Implementation
  • Development of Training Systems, Processes and Implementation
  • WSP/ATR Assistance
  • Mining Charter Assistance
  • DMR Audit Preparedness Assistance
  • Legal Compliance Assistance
  • Mine Specific Training Content Development and Implementation
  • Individual Development Planning (IDP)
  • Formulation of Training Matrixes
  • Women in Mining Development Strategies
  • Youth Development Strategies
  • Talent Management
  • Mentor/Protégé Programs
  • Management and Leadership Development Facilitation