Qeqesha can provide turn-key solutions in all engineering related disciplines within its scope of Construction. These disciplines include Electrical, Mechanical, Structural and Instrumentation. Qeqesha takes pride in being involved in the construction of the Lower Backfill System Discard Spreader at Exxaro Groottegeluk Coal on behalf of Sandvik. This construction project period took two years to complete. Pictures can be viewed in the Galeery section.

Our company has the capability to construct:

  • Stackers
  • Reclaimers
  • Discard Spreaders
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Mineral Sizers and Crushers

Qeqesha has also been awarded the Spreader Backfill System and U3 Stacker System section move contract at Exxaro Groottegeluk Coal. This work is crucial to ensure continuous backfill advancement can take place, in order to move discard from the wash plant, back to the pit, as part of rehabilitation. These systems need to continuously move in order to ensure maximum production capabilities are met through the plant.

Qeqesha also has the capability to conduct re-builds on certain machinery such as:

  • Battery Haulers
  • Shuttle Cars
  • Feeder Breakers
  • Roof Bolters

Qeqesha can also fabricate the following equipment:

  • Tail Ends
  • Chutes
  • Belt drive structures
  • Waiting Place Skids
  • Toolbox Skids
  • Cable skids
  • Maintenance Trolleys